Saturday, July 9, 2011

First forming of a band

By June 1962, Mick Jagger (born Michael Philip Jagger on July 26, 1943, Dartford), who had been singing with Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated for a couple of months quit Korner and joined Brian Jones' and Stu's basic band. Mick and his childhood friend Keith Richards (born December 18, 1943, Dartford) had met Brian when he and Paul Pond were playing Elmore James' "Dust My Broom" with Korner's band at the Ealing Club.

Mick quickly brought in Keith and another Dartford friend, Dick Taylor, and Brian reshuffled the band to include them. The newly formed band began rehearsing every Wednesday and Friday at the Bricklayer’s Arms pub in Soho. Brian and Stu’s acceptance of Keith Richards and the Chuck Berry songs he wanted to play coincided with the departure of blues purists Geoff Bradford and Brian Knight, who had no tolerance for Berry and the likes. Keith Richards about the topic:

Also hanging around there at this time is another load of cats. Brian Knight, who is a lovely bloke, like Gene Vincent with red hair, he loved the blues, he’s so London - with Geoff Bradford , finger picker on the electric guitar, astounding. Brian knows these cats and Stu knows them and they are talking about putting a band together and then Mick and I get up to play at Alexis’ club, and they go Ohh…Nobody’s too sure about me, I’m too rock ‘n ‘roll, I’m not pure enough. Also, I’m being very flash with it. At that time in London you only had to play one Chuck Berry number for the whole club to divide into sides as to whether Chuck Berry was either rock ‘n’ roll or rhythm & blues. Stupid question, but bless their hearts, people were into it.

Source: Stanley Booth, Keith: Till I Roll Over Dead, Headline Book Publishing, London, 1994.

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