Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fact sheet: October-December 1962

October-December, 1962: The Rolling Stones perform concerts at the Ealing Jazz Club, the Red Lion pub, the William Morris Hall, Studio 51, Sandover Hall (Richmond), and other venues in and around London.
Line-up: Mick Jagger (voc)/Brian Jones (gtr)/Keith Richards (gtr)/Ian Stewart (p).
Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts did not become regular band members until early February 1963, although Bill played some gigs in the second half of December. The following musicians filled the spots: Dick Taylor (bass)/Ricky Brown (bass)/Colin Golding (bass)/Tony Chapman (dr)/Carlo Little (dr)/Steve Harris (dr)/Colin Folwell (dr).

Colin Golding, bass player with the Presidents, remembers it all:
Apart from the Presidents, I had been filling-in as a stand-in bass player with the Rolling Stones. The Stones, at that time, comprised Mick, Keith, Brian Jones, a drummer called Tony Chapman, pianist Ian Stewart, and, from time to time, me. We were lucky if the audiences got into double figures. I also played with some of Glyn Johns' scratch bands that he cobbled together to do posh Kingswood parties which also included Ian Stewart and Jimmy Page, wearing his father's dinner suit (source:

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