Friday, August 23, 2013

Way Up Yonder

During the "Rough Mix" sessions with Pete Townshend back in 1977 Ian and Cynthia Stewart persuaded good friend Ronnie Lane to see a doctor when he was exhibiting all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. After the disease was officially diagnosed Lane, who was living in Wales at the time, continued touring and recording, but in the end decided to return to London to get proper treatment.

But before returning to England, he finished his last solo album, "See Me" (released April 1980), at his beloved Fishpool Farm in Hyssington, Wales. It didn't prove to be a memorable Lane album, but with the help of a lot of friends, among which Eric Clapton, Ronnie managed to cook up some fairly good songs. Stu, together with ex-Slim Chance member Bill Livsey, plays piano on the album closer "Way Up Yonder", a traditional kind of throw-away but catchy pub singalong.

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  1. January, 1980: Fishpool Farm, Hyssington, Wales.
    Ronnie Lane: Way Up Yonder (trad.arr. Lane) (2:46)

    800100A January: RONNIE LANE. Hyssington, Wales, Fishpool Farm, LMS Mobile Recording Unit. Producer: Ronnie Lane. Sound engineer: Bob Potter. Recordings for the upcoming album ‘See Me’ (released April, 1980). Incl.
    - Way Up Yonder (trad.arr. Lane).
    Line-up: Ronnie Lane (voc)/Eric Clapton (gtr)/Alun Davies (gtr)/Ian Stewart (p)/Bill Livsey (p)/Brian Belshaw (bass)/Bruce Rowland (dr)/White Grit Gang (bvoc).