Friday, August 9, 2013

No Time To Lose

After their 1978 US tour and subsequent recordings at RCA Studios, Hollywood, the Rolling Stones took a break until January 1979. In the meantime Ian Stewart joined Eric Clapton's band for two songs during the latter's show at Glasgow's Apollo Theatre (November 24, 1978), and recorded with French proto-punk band Shakin' Street at Olympic Sound Studios, London.

At the Apollo Stu appeared on stage during the final part of the show, playing piano on two blues standards, Big Bill Broonzy's 'Key To The Highway' and Bobby Bland's 'Further Up On The Road'. It must have felt good for a Scotsman to be back on familiar ground, playing some of his favourite music along with one of his best musical friends!

At first sight, Stu's appearance on Shakin' Streets's debut album "Vampire Rock" may look strange. Ian didn't particularly like the harder rocking side of the Stones, as displayed on the "Some Girls" album, and the French-based band, inspired by US bands like MC5, the Dictators and the New York Dolls, were rocking even harder.

But if we keep in mind that one of Shakin Street's founder members, Fabienne Shine, happened to be the ex-girlfriend of another old pal of Stu's, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, things might fall into place. On "Vampire Rock" Stu boogies along on two tracks, album closer 'Speedy Girl' and 'No Time To Lose'. You might click here to have a listen into the latter track.

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