Friday, April 5, 2013

Something New

July 1973 saw the release of Chris Jagger's first solo album, "You Know The Name But Not The Face". Despite the release of the album (and a second one in 1974), Chris, who studied dramatic art, remained in the shadow of his elder brother Mick, although he cemented his own place in music history with a handful of fine albums.

The debut album, produced by Chris Jagger and John Uribe (with sound engineer Glyn Johns), was recorded during 1972-73 at Stargroves, Mick's home, with the Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Unit.
Basic line-up: Chris Jagger (vocals), John Uribe (guitar, bass, percussion)/David Pierce (guitar)/Roger Earl (drums)/Bobby Keys (saxophone).

Ian Stewart contributed piano to one track, the blues rocking 'Something New'. Mick Jagger helped out on backing vocals on a couple of tracks. You can listen to snippets of all songs right here:

In a 2012 interview with on line music blog Chris told about Stu's role and position in the Stones' ranks:

“Often the musicians that are most highly regarded by their peers are not the best known names. For example, the Stones all admired Ian Stewart who was their pianist, a founder member of the band. He had links back to jazz, boogie-woogie and the old days. He taught the band so much. Even now if you mention his name the band will say, 'Ah, Stu....he would have done it like this!' And he would always be helping people out, encouraging young players who he felt had a good attitude. Attitude was very important".

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