Friday, November 25, 2011

I've Been Loving You Too Long

December 1966 saw the release of the Rolling Stones' first live album Got Live If You Want It!, recorded during their 7th UK tour (September 23 - October 9, 1966). A bizarre album really, actually a commercial cop-out. First of all, the album wasn't recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London (as the liner notes insisted), but during two shows in Newcastle and Bristol. But even more bizarre is the fact that two songs on the album aren't live material at all.

Both Benny Spellman's "Fortune Teller" and Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long" were cast-off studio recordings, masqueraded as in-concert material. "Fortune Teller" dated back as far as August 1963, and "I've Been Loving You Too Long" was one of several soul covers taped at the 'Satisfaction' sessions in May 1965.

Author James Hector about this particular song: "This tortured, deep soul ballad had been a hit for Redding earlier in the year, and the general opinion was that while Otis could cover "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", adding the horns Keith Richards always maintained the song needed, for the suburban London upstarts to cover one of Redding's finest...the nerve! Yet there was something equally moving about the Stones' version, especially Mick Jagger's nakedly exposed fragility as he attempted 'to do' Otis".

If you want the fake version of "I've Been Loving You Too Long" go to Got Live If You Want It!. If you want the real thing take a look below. On the Stones' version we hear Jack Nitzsche on piano and Ian Stewart on organ. Must have been weird for Stu to hear himself on a live album, whereas he never appeared on stage (to play, that is).


Adapted from the following source: James Hector, The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Rolling Stones, Omnibus Press, 1995.

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