Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Ugly Child

Autumn 1964 saw various members of the Rolling Stones doing session work with other artists. Brian Jones took part in recording sessions from Peter and Gordon, and Bill Wyman recorded with The Herd. Ian Stewart was brought into London-based rhythm and blues band Downliners Sect through Andrew Oldham to play piano on "One Ugly Child", a track that ended up on the band's d├ębut album. Andrew Oldham, bringing in Stu to play on a song called "One Ugly Child": coincidence or irony?

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  1. December, 1964: studio, London, England. Downliners Sect: One Ugly Child (Bright) (2:18)

    641200C December: DOWNLINERS SECT. LP 'The Sect'. Producer: Mike Collier. Sound engineer: John Wood. Incl.
    - One Ugly Child (Bright) - Ian Stewart on piano.
    Line-up: Don Craine (voc)/Terry Gibson (gtr)/Keith Grant (bass)/Johnny Sutton (dr).