Saturday, October 29, 2011


After their return to the UK, the Rolling Stones played two four-date mini-tours in the second half of June 1965. The first (June 15-18) was to Scotland, which gave the band the chance to relax at the famous Gleneagles Hotel, an old-style establishment, with a famous golf course. Although, relax? The choice for Gleneagles was especially Stu's choice. Ian Stewart was a keen golf player, and as road manager showed preference for hotels with courses.

Keith Richards recalls: "We'd been playing in some town where there's all these chicks, and they want to get laid and we want to lay them. But Stu would have booked us into some hotel about ten miles out of town. You'd wake up in the morning and there's the links. We're bored to death looking for some action and Stu's playing Gleneagles".

Their return visit (June 24-29) to three Scandinavian countries and a first show in Norway did a great deal to enhance the Stones' already considerable reputation in Europe.

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  1. Although he wasn't officially a Rolling Stone, Stew still managed to create some perks for himself here and there. When we were doing our first tour in Europe we started to notice, during the Scotland leg, that every damn place we stayed at was a golf resort. Stew was a big golfer. I guess he just assumed no one would notice - "These guys live in another world, drink themselves to sleep, doesn't matter where they wake up, whether it's a golf course or not". There ensued a complaint or two, but he still did it. Didn't change his modus operandi.

    Adapted from the following Source: Bobby Keys, Every Night's a Saturday Night, Counterpoint, 2012.