Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unholy Trinity

September 1963 also saw the birth of the so called Unholy Trinity, and the band's balance began shifting. Bill Wyman: After a show in Birmingham, Stu drove Brian, Charlie and me back to London, all of us completely exhausted, while Mick and Keith went back in Andrew Oldham's car. Who could realize, at this early stage, that the splitting of the group in that way would mark our future?

Stu said: 'Keith and Mick were quite prepared to go along with anything Andrew said. They fed off each other. We had very little contact with them in those days. Edicts would just be issued from the Oldham office'. A turning point in the band's relationships came quickly. Edith Grove was finally evacuated at the start of September 1963.

Mick and Keith moved into a flat in Mapesbury Road, West Hampstead, while Brian went to live with his girlfriend Linda Lawrence at her parents' house in Windsor. Shortly afterwards Andrew Oldham also moved into Mapesbury Road, and the Unholy Trinity, as Stu christened them, of Jagger-Richards-Oldham was born.

Adapted from the following source: Bill Wyman, Stone Alone, Penguin Books, 1990.

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