Saturday, September 14, 2013

Night Train

While the Rolling Stones were mixing and overdubbing tracks for their upcoming new studio album "Tattoo You" at Atlantic Sound Studios, New York City (April-June, 1981), Ian Stewart took some time off to record with a bunch of old friends, most of them well-known from different Rocket 88 line-ups.

On May 3-4, 1981 Stu and friends entered Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, West-Germany, to record the album "It's Boogie Time" (released 1982), credited to Bob Hall and Friends. With sound engineer Carlos Albrecht the ensemble recorded some nine tracks, including the twelve-bar blues instrumental standard  'Night Train'.

Line-up for the recording sessions: Bob Hall, George Green and Ian Stewart (all piano), Danny Adler (guitar), Jack Bruce (bass), Charlie Antolini (drums), Hal Singer and Willie Garnett (saxophones). In a 2012 interview Bob Hall recalls his time with Rocket 88, and with Stu of course.

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