Friday, January 20, 2012

Rolling Stones Mobile Studio

The Rolling Stones entered 1970 with already five songs for a new studio album in the can. 'Sister Morphine', with Ry Cooder on guitar, already got recorded early 1969, while 'Brown Sugar', 'You Gotta Move', 'Wild Horses' and 'Dead Flowers' were first taped in December. But due to several (legal) reasons the release of the new album, "Sticky Fingers", was postponed until April 1971.

On January 20, 1970 is was announced that the Stones had their own mobile studio installed in an articulated truck. The concept for the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit first came about in 1968 when the band decided they needed a new environment in which to record music. The band decided to use Mick Jagger's new country house, Stargroves, to record.

All the necessary equipment had to be brought to the house, so the idea of putting a control room into a van was brought up by road manager Ian Stewart. Under Stu's guidance a variety of top engineers and producers, including close friend Glyn Johns, were consulted in the project's creation. Originally only intended for use by the Stones, the mobile unit soon gained popularity among the likes of other classic bands, such as the Who, Led Zeppelin and Faces.

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